The history of River of Life Missionary Church started back in 1999 while Pastor Roderick and Sister Lorraine Hoffman were leading at their church plant in Gary – Living Waters Missionary Church. After handing over Living Waters to Pastor Stephen Burgstahler, Pastor Roderick and Sister Lorraine Hoffman were driving around the area to see where the Lord was calling them next to start another church. After driving through a few cities they felt a strong call to Michigan City and decided to pray about it for confirmation. They met with a number of people in the city and realized there was a great need due to the amount of homeless. They had just settled into their 1st home in Gary, Indiana, yet they knew that God was calling them to Michigan City. It was not an easy decision, but they knew they had to leave when the Lord confirmed the start for a new ministry. God opened a door for them to purchase a home in Michigan City where they started River of Life Missionary Church on their back porch in 2001.

As the ministry began to outgrow the porch, they were able to rent a room at the old Life Training Center located on Franklin Street. It did not take long for the ministry to grow again and outgrow their rental space. They then rented a space at St Andrew’s by the Lake Church. While this proved to be a blessing because the space was much larger, it was tough for a church that wanted to work with those in the city. It was at this time in 2003 when Dr. Stephanie Jordan spoke to Pastor Roderick Hoffman about a church she was helping that did not have a pastor. After speaking with the leaders at Zion Gospel, they agreed to allow the River of Life congregation to join with them and hold joint services. River of Life eventually took over the building where it currently resides.

Pastor Roderick Hoffman continued as pastor until he handed over the church to Pastor Walter Day. Pastor Walter Day, who was also a corporal with the Michigan City Police Department, accepted the calling and assumed the role as pastor. After retiring from the police department, Pastor went full-time in the ministry at River of Life where he helped mold Roscoe Hoffman until late 2012 when Pastor Walter Day handed the church over to Pastor Roscoe Hoffman who is the current pastor. The mission of River of Life Missionary Church has not changed – Reaching the lost for Jesus one soul at a time. During its mission, River of Life Missionary Church has assisted with the Michigan City Homeless Shelter including a period when they opened the church doors to assist with housing the homeless community in the city. The church is involved with Meals on Wheels to assist with providing meals to those disabled citizens needing assistance. No matter the mission or ministry, the central focus of the church is the find those in need of SEEING JESUS, HEARING JESUS, and ACCEPTING JESUS.

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