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We desire LIVES to be changed, HEARTS to be restored, and COMMITMENTS to be made to Jesus.

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Sermon Notes from the past Sunday: God’s Victory is My Victory (Pt. 3 – Living in Victory) – John 15:4

Part 1 took us to start seeing a victory. While this is good, it is a view from the crowd perspective. In other words, you are standing from the outside looking inside (think Zacchaeus).

Part 2 transitioned us to experiencing a victory as an intimate relationship with Jesus. This moved us from the crowd to come right next to Jesus to we can touch the hem of His garment or even hear Him call us by name (think the woman in Matthew 15 or the blind man in Luke 18).

Part 3 brings us to the final part of victory; living a victory! Experiencing it is good, but being able to experience it daily is a whole different story. This means you have to ABIDE in His presence. When you abide, you are living and it will reflect in your speech (John 15:7). So what must we do to experience this DAILY?

1. WALK RIGHT (Galatians 5:16-25)

– The only way to walk right is to walk in the Spirit. Any other way will cause you to give in to the lusts of the flesh. These lusts we must also pray against. We must pray AGAINST the lusts in vs 19-21 and pray FOR the fruit in vs. 22-23 to be evident in our lives.

2. TALK RIGHT (Proverbs 17:7; Colossians 4:6)

– Talking with someone who does not talk right is a battle in itself. In order to talk right, you must NOT speak like the world in Anger, Gossip, Defeat, Insecurity, and Hate. We must speak the way God speaks in Confidence, Victory, Control, and Love.

3. WORK RIGHT (1 Corinthians 15:58)

– Working right means you must NEVER work for yourself. In all that I do (work or deed), I must do it as unto the Lord! Working for yourself will NEVER change you. Instead, it will create excuses for the way I am and cause me to just settle for mediocrity. God wants us to strive for our best because He gave us His best.

4. THINK RIGHT (2 Corinthians 3:5)

– You cannot think you can think right on your own. Your thought processes must be filtered by heaven

5. EXPECT RIGHT (John 15:7)

– You cannot experience victory if you are not expecting victory. Some people expect defeat because they believe they are so messed up. Living in the past, they settle to just be saved, but don’t feel they are entitled to anything more. The problem is we are not telling ourselves to expect victory EVERY DAY!

You are entitled to live a victorious life, if you are living in Christ!

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